Having The Ultimate San Diego Wedding

How To Have A Great San Diego Wedding

If you want to get married in a unique destination, San Diego is a popular place to land. This area of the country is scenic and beautiful and any wedding held there will also be such. The city is the second largest in the state and offers a variety of venues. You could consider historic sites or gardens, but nearby beaches are often the biggest draw. Here are some of the things you need to think about as you plan your big day.

Basic Information

Since San Diego is gorgeous, in both scenery and weather, it makes sense that it’s a great place to get married. You might want to plan around busy travel times to get the date you really want, or plan based on the weather. Once you and your guests arrive, they will have to get to your wedding venue. The city is sprawling so if anyone wants to explore, they can get a rental car. However, the trolley system is charming for those visiting the area as well.


The weather is one of the reasons many couples like getting married in this city. IT’s usually warm and glorious as well as sunny. Even the colder months are pleasant, and it doesn’t often get super hot. The cold winter months are 65 degrees while the summer months are, on average, 76. There are only about 43 days of precipitation a year with February being the wettest month of the year. You don’t have to worry about rain as much as you might in other locations.

Beach Weddings

One of the biggest draws of the area is the ability to have a wedding right on, or overlooking a beach. There are lots of venues in the area and the weddings can be all inclusive so the couple only has to worry about one price and one location. The back drop is lovely and every picture will be sublime from every angle.

Traveling To A New Destination

It’s exciting for guests to travel for weddings because they enjoy having a getaway as well. And as the couple getting married, you can start your honeymoon early since you don’t have to travel anywhere else to get somewhere beautiful. If you want the wedding to be more than a one-day event, you can enjoy a few extra days with your family on either side of the wedding.

Entertainment Locally

There are plenty of things for you and guests to do while there. The San Diego Zoo, within the beautiful Balboa Park and SeaWorld San Diego are favorites. With plenty of beaches in La Jolla, the community has other activities as well. And the USS Midway Museum has over 60 exhibits.

Planning San Diego Weddings

If you want to have a destination wedding you and your guests will never forget, San Diego is a great location that can offer a lot of the details you’ve always dreamed of having included on your big day. Contact Dream Beach Wedding for help with the plans.

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