Consider These Tips When Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning A Destination Wedding

Once the engagement occurs and you tell your family and friends that a wedding is in store, planning that event is the big topic of conversation. When will you marry? Where will it take place? What will you wear? If you’ve already decided you’d like to have a destination wedding, these tips will help you find the right place and get every detail straight and ready to roll.

Tip 1: Choose A Location You Love

The location could be anything from the place you vacationed as a child to your favorite city in the world. You could also choose by places you want to have a honeymoon since once the wedding is over, you can start that right away when you pick a great location. As a couple, you need to love the location for the destination wedding above all else.

Tip 2: Let Guests Have Lots Of Advance Notice

Destination weddings generally have smaller guest lists since not everyone is able to travel somewhere farther away for a wedding. You’ll want to invite your close family and friends, however, and they’ll need to know with plenty of time so they can look into travel expenses and request time off work.

Tip 3: Work With A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners aren’t essentials for planning a wedding when you live in the city where the wedding will take place, but when you are planning a destination wedding, everything is done from afar. It’s much easier for you to have someone who knows what they are doing on location setting everything up for you. You will share your vision with the wedding planner, and they will implement it for you. It is a much more relaxed way to plan, especially from a distance.

Tip 4: Consider The Guests

Think about the people you will be inviting and tailor your destination wedding to suit their needs, in some ways. If you’re having a beach wedding, make sure guests with mobility issues can access the site. You’ll want there to be accommodations and fun things to do nearby your location as well as plenty of restaurants. Your guests are going out of their way to be at your wedding and you want them to have the best possible time.

Tip 5: Dress For The Location

If you’re getting married on the beach, high heels and fancy shoes aren’t always the way to go. Consider comfortable flats or go barefoot. If you’re getting married on a cliff overlooking the beach and it’s often windy, keep that in mind as you choose a veil. Tailor your clothing (and suggest guests do the same) to fit the location you choose.

Get More Destination Wedding Tips

The professionals at Dream Beach Wedding want you to have an absolutely perfect wedding day and when you are planning a destination wedding, there are plenty of other tips to go around. Consult with the wedding planners who know weddings inside and out and get the details you need.

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