Wedding Cake Trends We Love

The Perfect Wedding Cake For Your Day

There are a lot of elements that will have to come together to make your wedding everything you’ve dreamed of since you starting the planning process. The wedding cake is one of those important elements. There are plenty of classic cake designs that will always look great at a wedding, but some trends are more unique that can make your cake even more special and memorable. Here are a few trends this year that we’re absolutely loving.

Single-Tier Cakes

While wedding cakes often look like grand masterpieces, but they don’t have to be! Cakes right now are all about chic and minimal. Single-tier cakes are great for beach weddings because they bring that classic elegance to any table. You can get something small and understated, but don’t worry if it won’t feed all of the guests. You can also have sheet cakes made for guests. Having multiple small cakes allows you to get different flavors to suit more palates.

Floating Tiers

While simplicity is always in, impressive cakes with floating tiers are big right now as well. These cakes have multiple tiers with some kind of 3-D piece in the center to make the top tier look as if it’s floating. When these cakes are done right, they’re magical and really draw the eye to the table. The balancing act can be hard to master, but wedding cakes often go all out and they’re worth having in as many pictures as you can take.

Cakes With Structure

Cakes usually look like – well, cakes, but they don’t have to. If you see a cake with more confections and a structural design, it can be really special. It’s simple for bakers to make a cake in a circular, square, or rectangular pan. Cakes that make people wonder how the baker made it are those that have a structure to them, and they can really stand out at a wedding.

Textured Cakes

Cakes don’t have to have the standard texture of smooth cake and icing. There are lots of choices for adding additional texture in the frosting and incorporating unique colors. You can emulate velvet, marble, concrete, or whatever look you want through the frosting coloring that gives the cake additional dimension.


Non-Cake Cakes

Wedding cakes aren’t the only popular dessert for weddings. In fact, more couples are going with other items to satisfy the sweet tooth. You can have something that is stacked like a cake, but made from donuts, waffles, cookies, or anything else you like. Some couples also do something like an ice cream bar that doesn’t have cake involved at all. There are no right or wrong options—it’s your wedding.

Finding The Right Wedding Cake Choices

Remember your location when you look into wedding cakes. The professionals at Dream Beach Wedding can help you with the ceremony from start to finish and ensure that your day is nothing short of everything you dreamed it would be.

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