How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

Low Stress Wedding Guest Lists

There are a lot of details to pull together to make a wedding happen. When you are planning a destination wedding, the guest list is important. You may want something smaller and more intimate. Because in reality, not everyone in your life will be able, or even want to travel the distance to your wedding location. Here are a few low stress ways to cut down the guest list so you are including only the people you really want to be there and those who will be willing to make the trip.

Cut Plus-Ones Where Possible

One fast way to cut down on the guest list is to take the “and guest” off of certain invitations. If you know that one of your guests is in a serious relationship, they would most likely prefer to bring their partner along. But if there’s someone else who is just dating or is single, they don’t need to scramble for a date and try to bring someone they don’t know very well. Consider limiting plus-ones to those you know are in a serious relationship, and take the “guest” option off for those who are single.

Ask Your Parents To Cut Friends

Parents will be proud of your special day, and they’ll likely want to invite everyone they know to the ceremony. Take a look at the guest list and ask your parents to be very intentional about the people they would like to invite. Evaluate your relationship with them – do you know them well? Do they know your future spouse? Discuss your concerns about guest list with your parents, and ask them to help cut the list down according to the people who are closest to them—and you.

Invite Your Future

You know that friends come and go through the years. As you look at the guest list, try to only invite the people who you believe will play a role in your future. You might want to invite a high school friend, but maybe you have grown apart and no longer live in the same city. Don’t feel obligated to invite friends that you haven’t kept up with. Will they be a part of your life in five years? Ten years? If not, don’t let guilt be the thing keeping them on your list.

Understand The Cost Differences

You will likely have a cost in the number of guests you invite. You might have a range for a certain number of guests and as the range exceeds that, the costs go up. Understanding those costs helps you get to the right number. You will also want to understand the costs on the other side—for the guests. Inviting someone you know can’t afford to make the trip could make them feel bad. Instead, telling them you are having a small, intimate ceremony will help them get out of the situation without any hurt feelings.

Low Stress Weddings With Smaller Guest Lists

There’s nothing wrong with having a smaller ceremony. In fact, it can be the biggest component of keeping your wedding as low stress as possible. If you know what number you want on the guest list, but you’re having trouble making cuts, contact Dream Beach Wedding for more wedding planning tips.

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