How to Capture Instagram-Worthy Wedding Photos

We Got Married For The Gram

Everyone loves a great wedding photo. Wedding photos are a chance to capture a few picture-perfect moments that you will remember for years to come. But let’s admit it. Half of the fun of flawless wedding photos is sharing them on social media with all your friends and family! So, how can you capture the best photos on your wedding day to share with your inner circle? Here are a few tips to make your wedding photos truly sparkle and shine.

Snap Your “First Looks”

Many couples opt for “First Looks,” or taking a photo right before they see each other at the ceremony. You can capture a candid, emotional photo this way, as the photographer will document your first intimate moments together before you embark into your marriage ceremony. Some couples prefer not to do this, however, as many prefer to wait and see each other when they meet at the wedding alter.

Get Your Guests Involved

Your guests are here to help you celebrate this special occasion, so they will love being apart of the photos and ceremony festivities. Provide your guests with bubbles to blow, or dried flower petals to toss at you after you say “I do.” Moments like this truly make not only for beautiful wedding photos, but also for memories that you will treasure for a lifetime to come.

A Long Veil Makes For Dramatic Pics

If the bride chooses to wear a floor length veil, there is a lot that a photographer can do with it to create a dramatic feel within your wedding photos.

If you are outside, a floor length veil can flow with the wind. When you are taking photos within large indoor spaces, long veils can create dimension in a photo. Wearing a floor length veil is certainly traditional, but doing so can up your wedding photo game to the next level.

Gorgeous Shots at Golden Hour

Golden hour is the fleeting time of day right before sunset when everything basks in a golden bath of sunshine. It’s also the perfect time to take a few beautiful, naturally lit photos. Get some shots in with your sweetheart quickly, because this time of day only lasts for about 45 minutes.

Sneak Away for a Special Moment

Before your guests flood you with praise and congratulations, cherish this time alone to get a few photos in: especially with the beautiful reception, decor, and scenery you’ve been dreaming about and anticipating for so long. This is also your private time to be together: you did just get married after all! This is your special moment, and the photographer is just there to capture your love…so enjoy it and each other!

The Beach as a Beautiful Backdrop

As you are surrounded by beautiful ocean and scenery, what could make for a more perfect backdrop then a Dream Beach Wedding? There isn’t much more that you could need for beautiful photos other than you, your loved one, and the blue waves crashing behind you as you say “I do.”

Dream Beach Weddings can help you with everything you need to plan the perfect destination San Diego Beach Wedding, including any and all of your photography needs. Contact us today if you have any questions, or you just want to dive in and get started!

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