Pamper Yourself With These Pre-Wedding Relaxation Tips

Commit to Self-Care Before The Big Day

Even if you have hired a wedding planner to keep stress levels to a minimum, weddings in and of themselves are a big endeavor. It is important that you set aside the time for some self care and relaxation while you are making arrangements for your special day. Staying sane throughout the process is crucial for your own mental health (and the health of those around you), but as your big day approaches, it becomes even more essential that you get yourself in the proper headspace. Don’t let your wedding pass you by in the blink of an eye.  Instead of spending your wedding day a big ball of nerves, stress, and tulle, make a point of relishing the celebration with all your family and friends. Take a few deep breaths and indulge in some relaxing activities so you can truly enjoy your wedding festivities.

Exercise Outdoors

Tell your pre-wedding jitters to “take a hike” as you indulge with some peace and solitude in nature. The stress will begin to lift as you climb to new heights and breathe in the fresh air. Spending time outside amongst the beautiful flowers and trees will calm the bridezilla within, and help you remember that there is more to life than just wedding planning–but, you know, just barely.

Read Something (Other Than a Wedding Mag)

Dive into a good book that you’ve been putting off since your New Year’s resolutions. Read a juicy tabloid, or your best friend’s food blog, or really just about anything. Stop poking into your wedding magazines, and take this time to declutter your mind of wedding inspo for just a little while.

Volunteer Your Time

Donate your time to an organization or cause that you really care about. Physically volunteering can help get you out of your head and really put things in perspective. Also, helping others while helping yourself… what could be better?

Soak Up the Self Care

Pop in a fizzy bath bomb and soak all night long. There’s nothing like a hot bath to melt all your troubles away. The warm water will physically help to relax any tense muscles and aches. Besides, who doesn’t like smelling like bubble bath?

Play with Your Pet

Animals and their humans share an indescribable and irreplaceable bond. If you have a dog or cat at home, spend some quality time with them. You will feel much better after a little lovin’ from Fido or Fluffy.

Go for a Romantic Night Out

“Save the date” – for just you and your partner. Take some time to unwind, go for a night on the town, and focus on each other. You could go see a movie, venture out on a long walk on the beach, or enjoy a candle-lit meal together. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, so it’s important to make the time to have a little fun! And honestly, the more romantic, the better. We can’t help ourselves. We are wedding planners!!

You Dream, We Plan

With Dream Beach Weddings, there is no need to stress. Our team is here to support you every step of the way along your wedding planning journey. We want to make this the best experience possible from start to finish. Contact us today if you have any questions. We look forward to planning the Dream Beach Wedding you’ve always wanted.

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