Whimsical Wedding Desserts That Truly Take the Cake

Treats Suited to Your Taste Buds

We will be the first to admit that it is easy to get caught up in the formalities that come with wedding planning. Some people in your circle might pressure you into doing things one way or another simply because it is tradition, or because it was the way that they did it at their wedding. Here’s the thing though: your wedding is your special day, and it should reflect exactly who you are as a couple down to the very last detail–and that includes dessert. So, if you aren’t a wedding cake person, that’s totally ok. There are plenty of options for you to enjoy that are equally acceptable and festive for a wedding reception. And if you are a complete dessert nut…well, you are in for a delicious ride of a lifetime (a little tip: you can have all the desserts!). What is truly important at the end of the night, is that you are sharing the sweet treats that you love with your forever sweetheart.

Miniature Pies

This is a dainty option for those who prefer pie to cake– or who just like miniature desserts! You can get these tiny tarts in your favorite flavor, or in a varied assortment–whatever floats your boat!

Cake Pops

Have your cake and eat it too–while dancing like a maniac. Cake pops are adorable, portable, and delicious. Your guests can get a teeny taste of the traditional wedding cake they know and love, without having to leave the dance floor.

Cereal Bar

If you are a couple that really takes their cereal cereal-ously, offer your guests a late night crunch for their wedding drunchies! Serve up a selection of your childhood favorites, along with different types of milk like chocolate, strawberry, and dairy alternatives for all of your lactose intolerant buddies.


Frozen yogurt, custard, or ice cream can be a fun, refreshing, and nostalgic treat for summer weddings by the sea. Spice up your frozen dessert with your favorite toppings, along with a sloppy kiss from your sweetie.


What could scream beach party more than s’mores? If you are wanting to infuse a casual, welcoming vibe into your celebration, throw this classic favorite into the mix.

Spiked Hot Cocoa

Who said hot chocolate is just for kiddos? Close out the evening with this playful nightcap. You can even offer marshmallows and whipped cream on the side to overload your guests with that cute factor (PRO TIP: If children are present at the wedding, be sure to have beverages clearly marked to indicate what is and what is not kid-friendly).

Milk and Cookies

Nothing is more sweet and sentimental than milk and cookies. Serve these up to your guests straight out of the oven, or in little favor bags on their way out the door.

Dream Desserts for Your Dream Beach Wedding

Our Dream Beach Weddings team is ready to make your wedding fantasy a reality. We are here to support you every step of the way along your wedding planning journey, and make this the best experience possible from start to finish. Contact us today if you have any questions. We look forward to planning the fairytale ending you’ve always dreamed of.

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