Working in Wedding Gifts for the Wedding Party

Thanking Others With Wedding Gifts

When you think of a wedding gift, you usually think of the happy couple receiving gifts from their friends and family members. While most people will bring gifts to the newlyweds, the pair getting married may want to get wedding gifts for each other, their wedding party, their family members, or others who are making their day special. What should those gifts be and when should they be distributed? Here are some tips to help you time things just right around your big day. 

For Your Spouse

Many couples like to exchange gifts on their wedding day. If you are having pictures done before the wedding, you might have a special moment together before anyone else sees you and that would be a great time to exchange gifts. If you see each other at the ceremony, you can have a quiet moment after your vows to exchange gifts or you can even wait until the honeymoon to get more time together. Talk to each other in advance to set up a time so you both know what to expect.

For Your Parents

The timing of this depends on the gift and what you want to do. If you want to give both sets of parents a gift as a couple, set up a meal with your parents before the wedding to present the gift. If you are giving them gifts separately, you could each give your gift to them the morning of the wedding, if you’d like. 

For the Wedding Party

It’s nice to thank the wedding party for the part they’re playing in the big day. Many couples present the gifts at the rehearsal dinner, if they have one. You could also give them the day of the wedding when you are getting ready together. If you have a bridal shower in advance, the gifts could be distributed at that time as well.

Consider the Gift

When you give your gifts could, in part, be decided based on what the gifts are. If you are giving your wedding party, for example, something to wear in the wedding, like earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, or something else of that sort, you need to give them to the party in advance. If you’re giving something like a gift card or a picture frame, you can give that out at any time.

Get Inspired Wedding Gifts

Consider each person you are getting a gift for and what suits them best. Personalize what you can and thank them in an individual way that shows your appreciation for their part in your big day, and in your life in general. If you need ideas on wedding gifts, contact the experts at Dream Beach Wedding. As you set up your destination wedding, your wedding planner is there to give you advice on the ceremony as well as the gifts that you may present to the people involved. Every detail of your special day is important and should be well thought out.

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