Planning Your Wedding Date

Ready to Plan Your Wedding Date?

Once you get engaged, your family and friends will want to know all of the details. One detail in particular includes the date of your wedding. Perhaps you don’t want to think about that right away. You just want to enjoy your engagement for a while. But once you are prepared to move forward with the wedding plans, the date is one of the first things that needs to fall into place. What day do you want to get married? When you are planning a destination wedding, there are a lot of things that go into that decision.

The Season and Weather

You might first want to think about a season of the year. With destination weddings, the temperature and conditions may be different in the ceremony’s location than where you live. It’s important to look into rainy seasons, heat and humidity, and other weather-related conditions that could impact your special day. If you want a certain season of the year based on the weather, that will help you narrow things down a bit. 

Holidays and Prices

You will also need to think about the people that will be traveling to your wedding. It’s nice, at times, to have a wedding over a holiday weekend so everyone has more time off. However, traveling costs and airline tickets are often higher at that time of year. Plus, holidays are often popular for weddings so it might be harder to get the date you want at the venue you want. If you would like a certain holiday, keep the extra costs in mind for your family and book a year or more in advance.

Choose an Odd Day

While Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, followed by Friday, when you have a destination wedding, anything goes. Everyone is going to have to travel to the location and it’s likely they’ll stay for a few days on either side of the wedding for a getaway and to celebrate with you. Since there’s time off involved either way, there’s nothing wrong with getting married on a Thursday, if you choose, a Monday, or any other day of the week. Consider those days if there’s a particular date that means something special to you. 

Look for Openings

If you want a certain month or a certain time of the year, but you aren’t particular about the date at first, simply look into the destination wedding location and see what openings are available to you. You might find something that feels right and that can determine the date for you without you having to put too much effort into it.

Your Convenience

You will also want a date that works well for you. You need enough time to prepare everything on your end so you don’t want to rush it. You don’t want a date so far down the road you can barely see it. Most couples choose dates 6 months to a year in advance, so they have time to get everything lined up just right.

Planning Your Wedding Date With Dream Beach Wedding

Once you decide on a destination wedding, work with the wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding to choose the perfect date and plan the perfect ceremony.

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