Wedding Day Essentials: The Emergency Kit

Planning Your Wedding Day Essentials 

You can plan your wedding all you want, but you never really know what’s going to happen when the day arrives. Couples who have destination weddings are comfortable placing the wedding implementation into the hands of a wedding planner. They can relax about the plans and know they are in good hands. However, no wedding planner can tell the future and they all recommend that the couple prepare a wedding day emergency kit to help forego unforeseen instances. Here are a few items the bride, the maid of honor, or others in the wedding party might want to have on hand when the big day arrives. 

Hair and Makeup Touch Up Items

Whether the bride cries, the wind blows, or a bridesmaid’s makeup gets smudged, things can happen to hair and makeup. It’s nice to have some touch up items on hand so things can be dabbed and freshened between pictures or in the event of an emergency. Stick things like lipstick and gloss, powders and brushes, hairspray and bobby pins in a bag just in case. You might also like a mini mirror and some deodorant. 

Secondary Backup Items

It’s hard to say what the day will do to people in the wedding party. You’d hate to be without certain items if you needed them. Hair ties, for example, are nice if it’s windy and the bride can’t see her groom around all of her hair. Bobby pins help for a stray hair or two. And earring backs are a lifesaver if someone loses one in the sand. If the bride wears contacts, packing an extra pair of those is never a bad idea.

Health Items

No one needs to get dehydrated before the ceremony and making sure there are some bottles of water to go around is an essential on a warm day at a destination wedding. It’s also a good idea to have a bottle of pain reliever on hand in case someone has a headache or something else going on. Energy bars are also a great idea because the day is busy and not everyone will think to eat before things get started.


It’s awful to have a wardrobe malfunction at any event. It’s even worse at a wedding. Get together a small sewing kit that includes safety pins. A static guard and lint roller could also come in handy.

Random Extras

To fully prepare for the day, it’s best to walk through it bit by bit and see what you might need. Consider something like a portable cell phone charger that can be used even when there isn’t power. Flip flops or comfortable shoes for before and after (or even during!) the ceremony. Sunscreen and bug spray are never a bad idea, just in case. Antibacterial hand wipes are nice if there’s not a sink available.

Get Help With the Wedding Day Essentials

While this list is a good start, the professionals at Dream Beach Wedding can provide you with more ideas for creating an emergency kit. Be prepared for whatever the day has in store for you and enjoy it knowing that you have taken extra precaution.

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