Important Tips for Destination Weddings

Everything You Need to Know About Destination Weddings

Once you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, the excitement level raises to new heights. However, once you start thinking about logistics, it can feel overwhelming. You aren’t in the location where the ceremony will take place. How will you get it all done? These tips will help you figure everything out, no matter what location you choose for your big day.

Tip 1: Make the Location Meaningful

A big part of having a destination wedding is enjoying the location. You want the location to have the resources you need, but if there’s something special around it that makes it even more sentimental, that’s even better. 

Tip 2: Give Guests Plenty of Notice

Most destination weddings are planned well in advance. While it’s customary to send invitations out a few months in advance, you should let guests know what day and the location you are getting married at ahead of time so that they can plan for themselves. Consider save the date cards or something of that effect so they can calculate plane tickets and take time off for your big day. 

Tip 3: Remember Guests at All Times

Think about who you are inviting and what they need. If there is a handicapped individual or someone who struggles with mobility, make sure they have what they need to get to and from your location along with a comfortable place to stay. You want them to have an enjoyable time and this relies on the preparations you make for them.

Tip 4: Get Professional Help

At Dream Beach Wedding, you get a wedding planner with any package you choose. With destination weddings, you need it. The professional is there, on the scene, putting their hands on every detail you want and need. You can relay what you’d like for your ceremony and they can implement it for you. With on-site coordination, you can fly in before the ceremony and not worry about a thing. It’s a much less stressful way to organize.

Tip 5: Make a Packing List and Check It Twice

You might go over the packing list in your mind a few times, but it’s important to write it down, show it to a few others, and check over it more than once. Do you have everything in mind that you might need? Are there things you are leaving out that you won’t be able to get at your destination wedding location? Try to get it all organized in advance so you can think things over. Put the most essential items in a carry-on bag in case something happens to your checked luggage.

Tip 6: Tailor Clothing to the Location

Consider your destination when you are looking into wedding attire, things to wear at celebrations before and after, and even honeymoon items. If it’s likely to be hot and humid when you get married, you’ll want to wear breathable fabrics and lightweight colors. You want comfort during your destination wedding when possible. 

Get Destination Wedding Advice

There are professionals at Dream Beach Wedding who know just what they are doing when it comes to destination weddings and are happy to help you out in any way possible. Contact the wedding planners soon to get started on your plans.

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