Fall in Love With a Fall Wedding

Plan Your Dream Fall Wedding 

Fall weddings are known for cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves, and more. If this sounds like it fits your personality, having a wedding in the fall is a great idea. In fact, autumn is an ideal time of the year for a wedding in areas of the country that are usually hot in the summer and in the spring months. Fall gives you cool, but not cold temperatures with beauty all around you. In California, for example, autumn brings clear skies and comfortable temperatures. 

Fun Fall Holidays

There are also fun holidays that happen in the fall and you can make the most of them around your wedding. Have a Thanksgiving theme or enjoy Halloween costumes at the reception. There are other fall holidays that are lesser known and allow you to sometimes have a long weekend for guests to travel to and from your destination.

Fall Wedding Pros

There are lots of advantages to choosing the fall for your destination wedding. The temperate weather never hurts and there are lots of seasonally-inspired decorations you could use. There could also be off-season discounts on flights, lodging, the wedding itself, and more. Plus, don’t forget the gorgeous foliage you could see in certain locations.

Fall Wedding Cons

There are going to be upsides and downsides to any time of the year and before you choose one over another, it’s important to know both sides. In the fall, the weather is generally nicer, but there can also be variables, more rain, high winds, and other such things. If you choose a date around a fall holiday, it could conflict with family plans and cause some people not to be able to attend. And since daylight savings time ends in some states, you might have less time to celebrate in your destination.

The Beautiful Fall Color Palette

It’s customary to go with certain colors in certain season and in the fall, you’ll see lots of deep reds, browns, and oranges. These often mimics the colors in the leaves around you and gives you a natural, warm décor. However, there are other fun colors that can go along with those themes. Consider gold or other metallics, for example, to add glamour and glitz. You could also work in jewel tones for warmth and more color variables.

Bridesmaids And Groomsmen Fall Attire

Since the weather might be cooler than normal, you might want to pick heavier fabrics for dresses. In addition, warmer outerwear and clothing you can toss on when it gets chilly is advisable. Consider long dresses and allow groomsmen to get creative with plaid ties and other bold accessories. Work with colors that are in season at that time and lengths and weights that will show up then as well.

Finding The Right Fall Wedding Date

One of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding is the season it will fall within and the exact date you will hold the event. The wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding can advise you as to the nicest times of the year on the beach so you can get the wedding of your dreams at the right place and in the right time frame for your family and your preferences. Fall weddings can be completely stunning and with a Dream Beach Wedding, you leave nothing to chance.

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