Transform Your Venue With Unique Wedding Decor

Choosing Wedding Ceremony Decor

Perhaps you have already planned every single detail of your wedding day, from decorations, flowers, and more. You have a picture in your mind of what everything will look like and how everything will go. Not everyone has those kinds of visions in their heads. There are other couples who have no idea what they want and any advice they can get is something they will listen to and consider. There are plenty of wedding decor ideas out there and with a little searching, anyone can find what’s right for them. Here are a few ways to make your ceremony stand out with style. 

Consider an Arch

If you are getting married on the beach as part of a destination wedding, you’re already in a beautiful location with the ocean as the backdrop. It’s quite possible to do without most of the decorations you would want otherwise because the location itself is the decoration. But if you want the pictures to frame you as a couple, consider an arch of some kind for you to stand in front of. You can have something simple like a copper arch with some flowy fabric in your wedding colors and perhaps a few flowers. Or something more intricate like a trellis filled with flowers all the way up and over.

Decorate the Chairs

If there are going to be chairs at your ceremony, you don’t really want plain, simple folding chairs. Consider decorating the chairs with wedding flowers, tulle, bows, wedding colors, or other such things to make them fit into the scenery and the ceremony itself. 

Decorate the Aisle

If your beach wedding has an aisle, you might want to decorate that pathway as well. You could simply lay flowers around it or you could stretch fabric out for the couple and attendants to walk down. Decorating that area can give your wedding a sense of direction toward what you will use as the altar where the ceremony will take place.

Paper Parasols or Printed Fans

Since your destination wedding is going to be outside, you want to prepare your guests for the weather, whatever it might end up being. You could have some paper parasols on hand in your wedding color that would only add to the decoration of the ceremony. You could also have some customized fans printed with your names and the wedding date. In the proper color, they can also look like they belong as a decoration. 

Consider Decorative Signs

There may not be much you have to add to the beauty of a beach wedding, but you don’t have to take away from the natural beauty when you add decorative signs. Come up with some quotes about love or weddings and use calligraphy. Place them in strategic locations around the ceremony venue. These signs can lead to certain themes and add emotions to the day before it even begins. 

Get Wedding Décor Ideas From Professionals

If you aren’t really sure what to do for your wedding decor, that’s okay too. The professionals at Dream Beach Wedding know just how to style a ceremony and when you have a destination wedding with them, they are able to provide you with ideas and options for your big day.

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