Destination Wedding Theme Ideas

Choosing a Wedding Theme for Your Special Day

You want everything about your wedding to revolve around you as a couple. Perhaps you want something traditional and formal and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, there are more chances for themes and many of them enhance the event and the fun you will have surrounding it. You can come up with any theme you’d like that suits you as a couple, your relationship, the location, the time of the year, and so on. But these are some of the most recent and popular ideas.

Theme 1: Beachy and Bohemian 

Beachy weddings are simple, classic, and refreshing. They offer the perfect backdrop for starting your life together with someone. Oceanside marriages tend to incorporate as much white as possible, your wedding gown aside. Popular currently are white, floral-patterned dresses for bridesmaids, light colored suits, and beautiful, draping canopies. For decor, we recommend light colored flowers, seaglass decor, and dainty wood pieces.

Theme 2: Rustic Country

Since the DIY movement, rustic themes have been in. They embrace outdoor settings, including anything from country farms to vintage gardens. They may be inherently vintage, but their edges can be rounded out by including southern charm and elegance. Commonly found at these weddings are light wood, from furniture to the venue itself. Plants, greenery, vines, and neutral colored flowers add easy beauty to the space. 

Theme 3: Vintage Vibes

From wearing a family member’s dress to getting era-inspired, vintage weddings offer a unique opportunity to consider the details, bring back your favorite groovy tunes, and embrace bold colors. We’ve seen mid-century weddings with coral and teal tones, 1920s-themes with polka-dotted dresses, and cream suit coats alongside 1960s iconic cars. If you think that vintage is your vibe, it’s time to go all in: pick a decade you, and commit to everything it stands for.

Theme 4: Modern

Do you appreciate contemporary design? Looking for something that makes a statement without disregarding a timeless feel? Modern is for you then! Modern wedding venues combine rustic with urban, including exposed brick, white walls, and black and gold accents. Indoor spaces are roomy and wide, for an open-concept feel. They’re elegant because of their simplicity, and complex in geometric shapes, clear glass containers, and occasional pops of a single color.

Theme 5: Spacey and Celestial

You’ve been saying, “I love you to the moon and back,” for your whole relationship. Now, it’s time to bring that to life. A moon-themed wedding captures the other-wordly feeling that love provides. Celestial weddings as of late have includes hues of deep blue, periwinkle, and silver. Flowers are typically white, to appear like stars from far away, and glitter-embellished decor give the appearance of stardust. 

Theme 6: Classic

Black-tie exists for a reason, and Dream Beach fully understands that sometimes, classic rules. Traditional and simple weddings offer a picture-perfect day without being overstated. Classic weddings typically encompass wide, open ballrooms and high ceilings at the venue. Hardwood, dark floors and white roses tend to rule. Above all, dresses feel timeless: long trains, floral embellishments, and portrait backs.

Theme 7: Something Unique To Your Personality

Love football? There’s nothing wrong with having guests wear jerseys for their favorite team. Set on the beach already? A Hawaiian theme with accompanying leis for every guest adds an original twist. Think about what makes you happy and what theme will accentuate the beauty of the beach in a way that makes your personality and relationship shine in just the right ways. The wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding can help you come up with the perfect theme to suit your event.

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