Ways to Get Creative With Your Wedding Guest Book

The Tradition of Guest Books

Weddings are meant for making memories, and there’s no better way to commemorate the day than with a guest book. Guest books allow wedding attendees to offer warm wishes, advice, and celebratory words for you on your big day. Not only are they a great way to involve guests in the day itself, but it’s a wonderful memory for you and your spouse to look back on in the future. In this article, we’ll explore all the ways you can get creative and make a statement with your wedding’s guest book.

Hand-Written Notes

Guest books are traditionally written messages of some sort. Here’s a few of our favorite creative options for allowing guests to leave hand-crafted notes.


If you want the classic activity of hand-crafted wedding notes with a vintage twist, consider renting or buying a typewriter for the day of the wedding. Guests can leave old-style notes for the couple. Just remind them there’s no backspace!


For a more festive vibe, allow guests to write notes to go in a piñata. Couples typically save these, and open them on their one year anniversary. 

Messages in a Bottle

Especially for beachside weddings, messages in a bottle offer a theme-relevant way to incorporate a guest “book.”

Tip Jar

This kind of tip jar doesn’t involve any spare change! Create a tip jar that resembles one at an eatery, and decorate it to make it more elegant. Married and single friends alike will love leaving tips for the soon-to-be-wed couple.


Visual options can be fun and engaging when tied into your guest book! Here’s a couple ideas that rely on pictures.

Engagement Photo

For something personal for guests to sign, take one of your favorite engagement photos and scale it to picture-frame size. Allow guests to write cute and fun notes around you and your spouse!

Photo Book

If you can’t pick a favorite engagement photo, consider making a photo album of many pictures. This gives guests the chance to look at many snapshots of your relationships and sign their favorites.

Polaroid Wall

Polaroid walls are the perfect way for guests to have fun, make a silly face, and contribute to a photo wall. When the day is over, you’ll have lasting photos of all your friends and family!


Bringing guests together is easier than ever with collaborative guest book ideas. These pieces allow for individual parts to create one big art piece for you and your spouse to treasure forever.

Quilt Patches

Having guests sign and decorate mini-quilt patches is a warm welcome to the wedding. When the big day is over, you’ll be left with pieces to sew together and keep as a blanket in your happy home.

Going Global

For couples that love traveling, tying in an adventurous guest “book” option is extra fun. Consider collecting postcards from all your favorite vacay spots, or buying a world map and allowing guests to “pin” their name somewhere in the world.

Signed Wine

If you’re not looking to put messages in a bottle, consider instead allowing guests to write on the bottle itself! Save the bottle for your one year anniversary, and celebrate by finally opening the bottle.

Wooden Art

Wooden signs offer an artistic way to incorporate wedding guest signatures. Create a white silhouette art piece on a stained wooden sign, like a tree with many leaves or a couple holding 100 balloons. Allow each guest to put their name in the individual leaves, balloons, or objects you’ve chosen!

Letting Guests Love Your Wedding

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies where people gather to celebrate two people they love, being in love. With Dream Beach’s packages, any guest book is a fun addition to a magnificent beachside wedding they’re sure to enjoy just as much as you do.

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