Top Tips and Tricks for Grooms on Their Wedding Day

International Men’s Day: Celebrating Grooms Everywhere

Tuesday, November 19th is International Men’s Day. To celebrate men and all that they do, Dream Beach has put together a list of tips and tricks for soon-to-be grooms. Feeling anxious about the big day? Getting those first-date butterflies all over again? You’re not alone in feeling this way, and we know the best ways to calm you down and prepare you for your wedding ceremony.


Some of the prep for your wedding day comes before the day even begins. Here are a few tips for the days leading up to and the day before meeting your bride at the altar.

Talk to Friends

Chatting with friends about the day-of can help relieve the biggest of anxieties. Your friends are there to support you, and want to see your relationship thrive. Their advice, having seen you and your soon-to-be spouse through it all, can be paramount. Additionally, make sure to talk with married friends and family about their big day: what they loved, what went wrong, and how they handled it. You’d be surprised at the advice they might have, and hearing others’ stories could help ease your mind about your own.

Do Relaxing Things

What’s relaxing is different for everyone. The key to staying calm here is to know yourself, and know what makes you feel better in times of stress. If possible, plan things ahead of time, from weeks out to the week of the wedding. Filling your time with activities that lighten your mood gives less time for anxious thoughts and more time focusing on what matters: you and your relationship. Some common to-dos include exercising, meditating, watching your favorite show, and hanging out with your wife or husband-to-be.

Allow for Delegation

Listen: there’s a lot of tasks that go into a wedding. When you and your spouse are feeling overwhelmed, offload that pressure onto other, supportive people. Your friends and family will be more than delighted to lend a helping hand, make a call, or do a favor for you.

Lightly Prepare

You’ve been prepping for your wedding day for months; the night before is not the time to stress. It’s time to take faith in the work you’ve put in prior. Lay out everything the night before, including outfits, accessories, and any last-minute gifts you need to distribute. Eat a light meal, and get some rest.

Day Of

When the day has arrived, it’s time to party. There’s no reason to stress; it’s time to celebrate.

Start the Day Early

Why feel rushed? The best way to stay on your toes and ease anxiety on your wedding day is to wake up early. This gives you time for miscellaneous tasks you may have forgotten about, as well as buffer room for any wardrobe malfunctions or timely distractions. When reasonable, get dressed early too, so you’re ready to go!

Light, Fun, Comfortable

Plan a day that doesn’t overwhelm you. Some grooms prefer getting in a good workout alone in the gym. Others like to see their friends immediately, possibly hitting the golf course with a good beer. Whatever works for you, and keeps you comfortable, is ideal.

Get Pampered

A common misconception around weddings is that brides should be the only ones pampered. Why? You’re getting married, too! It’s time to get groomed well and put on nice cologne. Take some extra time in the mirror. When you look good, you feel good, and that’s important today.

Take Time to Yourself

It’s important to take a moment to yourself, simply to mentally prepare. With everyone running around and the bustling commotion of a wedding day, a second alone is necessary to collect your thoughts and refresh.

Say Cheers

Ready? Good! It’s time to go, which means it’s time for a drink. Take a shot, grab a beer, or just drink some water: whatever you need before you walk down the aisle. Between these tips and Dream Beach’s iconic wedding packages, there’s nothing to sweat.

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