Breaking Down Who Pays for What When Planning Your Wedding

Your Wedding Day: Who Pays for What?

Following your engagement, an important part of wedding planning is creating a budget, ultimately determining who will contribute to what for your special day. Knowing this will allow you to know how much you can spend and allocate to certain costs. There are expenses that are traditionally paid for by the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, and then the bride and groom themselves. Learn about traditional wedding etiquette for determining costs as well as etiquette in modern times with Dream Beach Wedding. 

Traditional Wedding Etiquette

The following is a breakdown of what the brides’ family, groom’s family, bride, and groom traditionally pay for when it comes to planning a wedding. 

Bride’s Family

Traditionally speaking, there are certain wedding costs that are delegated to the family of the bride. These typically include the engagement party, a wedding planner, invitations, ceremony venue, the reception venue, floral arrangements at both the ceremony and reception, food, music, decorations, wedding photography, wedding favors, and the bride’s wedding dress. 

Groom’s Family

The groom’s family usually covers the costs of the rehearsal dinner, which includes food, drinks, and decorations. They also pay for the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, the marriage license, the officiant, alcohol for the reception, and the honeymoon. 


The bride purchases the groom’s wedding band as well as gifts for her bridal party. She will also take care of the cost of her hair and makeup. 


The groom typically pays for the bride’s engagement ring, wedding band, gifts for his groomsmen, and accomodations on the night of the wedding. 

Modern Wedding Etiquette

In modern times, many of these traditions are not upheld. Many couples choose to fund their wedding themselves. The families of the bride and groom may choose to split the costs of the wedding evenly. The bride, groom, and both families may decide to split the costs four ways. If one family has more people attending the wedding, they may cover the costs for the amount of guests they have invited. One family might want to pay for the entire wedding. There are many possibilities when it comes to paying for a wedding, so it is important to see where everyone is at financially to decide who will pay for what. 

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