The Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

What is an unplugged ceremony? During an unplugged wedding ceremony, guests are not permitted to use cameras, phones, tablets, or other forms of technology. By doing this, everyone is able to focus on the real reason they gathered together: to witness the love and commitment of two people they care about deeply. Unplugged weddings allow for better professional photography, fewer distractions, and more privacy for the couples and guests. Explore the benefits of an unplugged wedding ceremony in more detail with the team at Dream Beach Wedding. 

Better Professional Photos

Couples hire professional photographers for a reason. Photography is their expertise. They know how to capture the perfect shot using adequate lighting, proper angles, and the necessary equipment. When guests are unable to use their devices during the ceremony, they are not visible in the professional pictures, especially in instances where the wedding party is walking down the aisle or when the couple says I do. The photographer also doesn’t have to compete with other guests to try to get a good shot as the floor is theirs. 

Fewer Distractions

Camera flashes, blocking the aisle, and people holding up their devices throughout the ceremony can be very distracting for everyone involved. An unplugged ceremony allows guests to live in the present and appreciate all of the hard work that went into planning the wedding. They won’t miss the important moments or details because their attention will be devoted to the couple. The lack of devices also promotes interactions between guests. They can discuss their relationship to the couple and get to know one another before the ceremony begins as well as when it ends. 

More Privacy

Some couples may want to keep their wedding ceremony more private and intimate. They may not want photos to be leaked or shared with the public until they are ready to do so. An unplugged ceremony gives the couple the respect they deserve when it comes to handling photography. 

Plan an Unplugged Wedding With Dream Beach

As you can see, an unplugged wedding ceremony has many benefits. It gives the couple the freedom to have their dream wedding the way they envisioned it. It’s also important to note that just because the ceremony is unplugged doesn’t mean the reception has to be. Many couples allow phones and other devices to be used during the reception celebration, implementing fun hashtags and photo-ops for guests. If you are interested in planning an unplugged wedding ceremony, consider Dream Beach Wedding! Our team has over a decade of experience, planning over 2,500 weddings on the beautiful beaches of San Diego, California. We have successfully mastered the art of planning stress-free coastal ceremonies. Couples are given the opportunity to choose from five all-encompassing wedding packages at locations like Coronado Beach, La Jolla Beach, Imperial Beach, Mission Beach, and Sunset Cliffs. Our wedding planners handle every detail of your ceremony, making the journey down the aisle as simple as possible until the moment you say I do. Fall in love with a Dream Beach Wedding. Contact us today!