Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Things to Take Into Consideration When Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Creating and finalizing a wedding guest list can feel daunting. There’s a lot of factors a couple must take into consideration during the process. Is your wedding going to be large or small? Is it a destination wedding or closer to where family and friends live? Can the venue support the amount of people you wish to invite? Is your guest list friendly to your budget? Go into the details of these factors with Dream Beach Wedding. 

Type of Wedding

When you are figuring out your wedding guest list, it is important to keep the type of wedding you plan to have in mind. If you are thinking of having a more intimate wedding, the guest list will be very small, most likely consisting of immediate family members and close friends. If you’re considering a medium-sized wedding, it is a good idea to create an A and a B list. A larger wedding ceremony allows for more freedom when selecting guests. You also have to ask yourself what kind of social setting you want. Do you wish to have an adults only wedding? Do you want to invite children? As you can see, the type of wedding being planned affects the guest list.

Location of Wedding

The location of your wedding will help determine your guest list. If your wedding is in the city that you grew up in, more family and friends would be able to attend. If you are considering a destination wedding, some people may not be able to travel far or spend the money to do so. 

Venue Size

Venue size is everything. If you have found the perfect venue for your wedding, but it can only hold a certain amount of people, you have to make important decisions when it comes to your guests. This is especially true if the venue is something that you are not willing to compromise on. 


Weddings can be very costly. The venue and the cost per plate can result in a very expensive bill. It is important to make sure that your budget can account for the number of people you wish to include on your special day. If you have gone over, you may need to reevaluate your list. 

Plan Your Wedding With Dream Beach

It is important to look at all of these factors when coming up with your guest list. Although it may be difficult and you may need to make several changes throughout the process, it will all be worth it in the end. At Dream Beach Wedding, we have packages that are designed to include a certain number of guests. Our Elopement Package allows for up to 6 guests, while the Intimate Package allows for up to 20. The Destination Package includes 50 guests, the Wanderlust Package up to 80 guests, and finally, our largest package, the Dream Beach Package allows for up to 100 guests. These packages are available at any of our beachfront venues in beautiful San Diego, California. Whether you choose to have a small or large wedding, our team is dedicated to making your journey to happily ever after as simple as possible until the moment you say I do. Contact us today!
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