Filing Your California Marriage License
With Ease

Legal unions in all states require that you obtain a marriage license, and those that take place in San Diego, California are no exception. After the ceremony, filing the legal marriage license can be a hassle, and it can take forever to receive your certified California marriage certificate. However, when you plan your ceremony using Dream Beach Wedding, we hand deliver your marriage license back to the clerks to ensure expedited filing and a quick turnaround.


Marriage License – Legal Information

Every union requires you obtain a marriage license from the state in which the ceremony will take place. When you get married in California, you can obtain your license in any county throughout the entire state of California.

To obtain your marriage license you must first, make an appointment 90 days or less prior to the ceremony. The law requires that both you and your partner must be present at the appointment with photo I.D. Please call the San Diego county clerk’s office at 619-237-0502 to schedule your appointment. The fee for the marriage license is $70 to obtain.

If you are from out-of-state, you can even make your appointment for the day of or before your ceremony to avoid planning an additional trip. Please keep in mind they are not open on weekends. If you obtain your license in a city anywhere other than in San Diego, we will mail your marriage license to that city.

Please use the following San Diego County Clerk’s Office locations link.

Once you have your license, you’ll need to designate 1-2 people to sign as your witnesses. Please have your witnesses sign the marriage license in the witness boxes 26 a,b,c and 27 a,b,c before your ceremony. Make sure your witnesses know that they must stay in the boxes, cannot make any mistakes or cross out any information. Then bring your signed license to the ceremony location so that the Officiant can sign it.

Dealing with a legal marriage licence can be a hassle, especially when it can take several weeks to receive your certified California marriage certificate. However, when you plan you ceremony using Dream Beach Wedding, we hand deliver your documents back to the Clerk’s Office to ensure expedited filing and a faster turnaround. To obtain your certified marriage certificate, you’ll need to return and notarize the application (which you will receive with your license) for a marriage certificate, along with a check for $15 per copy.

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