We’re Always Here to Answer All of Your Questions

How Do I Reserve My Wedding Date?

Head to the contact us page and fill out the form! You can also email aline@dreambeachwedding.com or call us at 619-952-4561 if that’s easier for you. We will email you your customized contract for you to fill out, sign, and return along with 50% of the total wedding package amount. We’ll then schedule a phone meeting to go over your ceremony details. We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and checks. Last minute weddings and short notice are always welcome!

Do You Perform Short Notice Weddings?

Yes! We welcome all short notice weddings! Please call us 619-952-4561 or email us for details.

Do You Perform Vow Renewals?

Yes! I would be honored to perform your vow renewal!

How Long is the Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony lasts between 15-20 minutes. We begin breaking down the decorations 20 minutes after the wedding to avoid doing removing items in the dark. We also do not allow extra tables, or other decorations brought by the wedding party.

What Time is Sunset?

Sunset varies from day to day, so you’ll have to check a weather site to find the exact time. We recommend starting your ceremony at least 1 hour prior to sunset to ensure enough time for photos.

How do I Get my Marriage License?

You must make an appointment, the San Diego, California County Clerk’s Office does not accept walk-ins. Please call 619-237-0502. You can download the application from the website. Under “The person performing this marriage ceremony is (check one), please check the box indicating “Clergy person”. The fee is $70. Once you obtain your license, it must be brought to your Wedding Ceremony to be signed by your witness’s (up to 2) and me. I will then hand deliver it to the County Clerk’s Office on the next business day. You can also obtain your license anywhere in California, however, I will not be able to hand deliver it to the County Clerk’s Office. It can be mailed, or the Bride and Groom can deliver it. You can download the application from the website.

How Many Guest Can I Have at my Beach Wedding?

We can accommodate up to 100 chairs, however every beach in San Diego has regulations and permits are required for all San Diego beaches.

Do We Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

No. A wedding rehearsal is not necessary. However, an itinerary is provided with all of the details of the wedding which include processional and recessionals. It is very easy to get married on the beach and don’t worry we are here to help.

How Long Can We Stay At Our Wedding Site?

We expect the Couple to inform their guests that once their photos are taken, the guests are expected to leave the site. This is typically 20-45 max after the ceremony. This way we can begin breaking down the decorations after the wedding to avoid doing it in the dark and for safety reasons. This also gives the Couple a chance to be alone with the photographer for romantic shots-and to ENJOY the fact that they just got Married! We also do not allow extra tables, or other decorations brought by the wedding party.Please contact us before bringing extra items.

Do You Marry Couples Who Come From Two Different Religious Backgrounds, or Interfaith Marriages?

Yes! I have performed many weddings for couples with different backgrounds, and also for couples whose families are religious however the Bride and Groom are not, but want a ceremony to be respectful and to honor their families. You can bring your own Minister as well.

Do You Have Recommendations for Hotels, Restaurants, and Other Vendors in the Area?

Yes, once you have reserved your date, we will be able to give you many recommendations to work with any budget.

Is Beach Parking Free?

There is free street parking at many beaches in San Diego. We require that guests car-pool or that as a couple you provide transportation to and from the beach if it is within your budget. We do not want to impact that beach with dozens of cars. Parking during the busy months can also be time consuming and the Wedding must start on time. Please let your guests know they require car-pooling at least 30 minutes extra for parking.

Are There Restroom facilities Located at the Venues?

There are public restrooms at all beaches, however sometimes they are a long walk from the ceremony site. Inform your guests of this, for their convenience.

Is Alcohol or Smoking Permitted on the Beach?

No. Both alcohol and smoking are prohibited on the beach, however, smoking is allowed in the parking lots and on the street.

What if it Rains on Our Wedding Day?

We’ll contact the couple to do everything in our power to be flexible with the day, time, and location of the ceremony to accommodate for weather in most cases. Because the weather conditions can possibly pose difficulty to have a wedding outdoors, it’s the responsibility of the bride and groom to find an alternative location for the wedding ceremony or to move the date of the wedding. We will provide a refund of 50% of unused equipment in the event of rain.